July 21, 2024

The Car History of Alex Beloff III

So you want to know about the 159 cars I have owned since 1958 including my first NEW 1964 Grand Prix at age 23 or my 1975 Grandville Brougham custom convertible being restored now.

FIRST TIME EVER OFFERED.  For your entertainment.  See actual photos.  Personal dialog on each car.  Many original documents of the 159 cars from 1958-2018.  Special interest, real barn finds, revered imports, exotic, mild customs.  Two new “one of a kind” 1972 and 1973 Advanced Engineering Pontiac pace cars.  Local and national show winners.  A G-stock national winner.  Several new and pre-loved makes including 11 new Pontiacs,  36 pre-loved Pontiacs, 16 new Cadillacs, 45 pre-loved Cadillacs, a raggedy 1959 Plymouth Fury with 426 ram charger torque flight stuffed in it, an Onassis family 1957 Cadillac Eldorado Brougham, and one new 1965 426 Hemi torque flight.  And More!


About Alex Beloff III


Alex has always had a sense of humor, an enthusiasm for his vocation, a way of expressing himself to you, and his passion for cars, music and the concepts is unending!


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